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Environmental / Recycling Resources

Did you know that Lowe's, Target and Wal-Mart stores collect plastic bags for recycling?  Check out this helpful website to learn more about the "life" of plastic bags.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a site for children to learn more about air quality.

Learn how to compost at home with this helpful Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality handout.  The City of Clawson has "curbside" compost pick up from April through the December!

Check out "The Recycling Journey" and learn how your garbage "gets another life" when you recycle.

Oakland Schools webpage detailing the Green Schools initiative.

A wonderful publication that assists with garden design incorporating plants and flowers native to Michigan.  Michigan Audubon.

Kenwood Elementary and our HUG-PTO are proud to highlight just a few of our energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly activities below:

  • A.D.O.P.T.S. (Animals Depend On People To Survive)

The Kenwood HUG-PTO loves that we are able to "adopt" a poison dart frog, which is an endangered species, each year with the Detroit Zoological Society.  This is a great program that we encourage all families to participate in on their own, if possible.  The Detroit Zoo is a Kenwood Kids Supporter and we love to pass our mutual support back to them.

  • Building Energy Efficiency

Thanks to a District-wide initiative, Kenwood Elementary works to save energy with each classroom having software/computer-linked thermostats to monitor  heating/cooling usage and offer statistical data for analysis on less energy usage.  In addition, motion-sensor/automatic shut-off light switches are in every classroom, office, gym and other areas of our school to ensure the most energy-efficient electric/light usage.

  • Field Trips

Several grade levels appreciate the experience of learning about environmentally-friendly and alternative energy efforts by traveling "off-site" on field trips, including visits to our local recycling plant, SOCCRA; a local educational farm, Bowers School Farm, where they learned not only about animal behavior, but also sustainability, harvesting and conservation; and the Ford Rouge Plant where students visited the LEED-certified visitors center and learned about the sustainable efforts Ford has put forth in its vehicle production line, including a green roof!

  • Recycling

We are proud to have our Student Council coordinate with our City's recycling services for cardboard, glass, metal and paper.  To assist our staff, students and their families with recycling is not accepted by our City services, the HUG-PTO has partnered with TerraCycle to recycle a number of additional items.  Take a look at our TerraCycle posters below to see all of the items we are currently recycling through their program.  We also partner with Crayola to recycle used markers and Staples for empty printer cartridge recycling.

  • Upcycling

We love when we have the opportunity to "upcycle" previously loved items from our classrooms and homes!  Each year, incoming kindergarten students are invited to send in a clean, but worn t-shirt to be sewn into a reusable, drawstring book bag.  This bag follows them each year to the next grade.

Current Kenwood Recyclables

(in addition to weekly City recycling)

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