Kenwood “Help Us Grow” (HUG) PTO is a parent-run volunteer organization. Events and activities along with classroom materials that benefit each Kenwood student, in addition to school improvements, are coordinated through the time and efforts of parents, teachers and staff.

The Kenwood HUG-PTO supports our students and staff in a variety of ways. Working together with Kenwood administrators and teachers, we ensure that teachers have the classroom materials they need, that students have opportunities for cultural enrichment programs and information assemblies are improvements to the school and grounds are made, as needed. In addition, transportation (bus) expenses for all field trips students attend are funded through the HUG-PTO.


Some of our members help as head room parents, by planning and/or participating in classroom parties, chaperoning field trips or working with the classrooms to help the teachers anyway they can.  We are also very lucky to have many parents who give some time for fundraisers, dances, movie nights, the holiday shop, yearbook, field day and even school beautification.  Many of our members support us just by attending our meetings and offering their input.

"Paper" Membership Form


"Paper" Room Parent Form


Forms may be completed and sent in to school with your child.  They will, in turn, be delivered to the office for the HUG-PTO.  In the alternative, please feel free to submit your information to us online, as follows:


Online Membership Form

2019/2020 Volunteer to help


Room Parents at Kenwood Elementary are coordinated and supported by the HUG-PTO.  Parents/Guardians are invited to be either a "Head Room Parent" who serves as a Community Liaison, Volunteer Coordinator and Celebration/Event Planner for their child's teacher for the school year or assist as a "Room Parent."  All parents and guardians are welcome!


More details can be found by CLICKING HERE for a brief presentation on the roles Head Room Parents and Room Parents.  As noted in the presentation, Head Room Parents are welcome to either use a "form" letter to introduce themselves and/or a "form" invitation to welcome cash contributions from families OR use their own (i.e., a newsletter, email, and/or forgo requesting cash contributions and utilizing a sign-up website (i.e., Sign-Up Genius) to ask for item/food contributions for holiday parties, etc.)).



The HUG-PTO has an annual budget that funds many endeavors, including those mentioned above, books for the library/media center and classrooms, student organizations, and field trips.  Through coordinating your efforts for each task, the HUG-PTO ensures that our teachers and staff have the support they need all school year.


Our budget expenses are also supported through you and other community members who partner with the HUG-PTO throughout the year.  From a variety of fundraising opportunities to our membership fee of only $10.00 per member (or $15.00 per family -- i.e., parent/guardian + one additional adult), we can provide our children with the fun, memorable experience that complements the academics of school each year.



Each and every effort that is made on behalf of our children can only be accomplished through your assistance and financial support.  The HUG-PTO depends on each family joining us as members.  A PTO membership does not commit you to attend meetings or be at the school during the day or even attend events -- in fact, you only need a couple minutes to join. Your membership, however, helps show your child(ren) that you are committed to the school and their education all year.


In addition, we depend on all of the parents who can help with an event or endeavor, become a head room parent, chaperone a field trip and/or assist their child’s teachers anyway they can. Everyone has a skill or hobby they enjoy and we would love to have you share them with us!  Not a lot of time to give?  We understand!!  Today’s world is a busy one.  We all have hectic, tiring schedules, which is why we need you.  One of our parents often says, “many hands make light work” and this is so true at Kenwood Elementary.  Simply attending any of our meetings or even offering input or advice via email is helpful.  Often, stuffing envelopes or sorting things at home or even just sparing half an hour after work or on your lunch house makes a world of difference.




Becoming a part of Kenwood HUG-PTO is just one more way of showing your child how important their school and education are. It is also a great, effective way for you to be involved in any changes you would like to see at Kenwood (we love suggestions!). You will have up-to-date information about what’s happening at school and in the community via email, our website, facebook and correspondence sent home with your child.

Kenwood Elementary School

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