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Our Mission

The Kenwood HUG-PTO strives to create a fun, memorable experience for the children, parents, teachers and staff at Kenwood Elementary School that complements student academics and supports the mission of the School:

"We, in partnership with the community, are committed to developing life-long, self-directed learners who take responsibility for a high level of achievement. Through teamwork, best practices, and support systems, students will apply their knowledge of State standards in a changing world."

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HUG-PTO Board Members

The 2023-24 Executive Board of the Kenwood HUG-PTO consists of two Co-Presidents, two Co-Vice President, Treasurer, and two Co-Secretaries.  Kenwood Elementary's Principal and Assistant Principal are also considered voting members of the Executive Board.  The Executive Board members develop the HUG-PTO's annual budget and establish and oversee our "Working Groups" and/or volunteers to conduct the activities of the HUG-PTO as well as establish its fundraising programs.  The HUG-PTO Executive Board also works in very close collaboration with the Kenwood Elementary office staff and, often, with teachers and other school staff.


Assistant Principal



Co-Vice President

Co-Vice President





This individual (or individuals) presides over general HUG-PTO meetings and Executive Board meetings.  He/she serves as an official representative of the HUG-PTO. He/she, along with the Treasurer, ensures completion of the annual reporting requirements of the State of Michigan and the maintenance of the non-profit/tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. The President may also maintain the website or designate another member to do so. He/she also, along with the other Board members, oversees the organization's Facebook social media pages (a private page for Kenwood families and staff only and a public page to promote our events and fundraising efforts open to the community).  Together with Working Group members, the President oversees all events and endeavors to ensure the success of each and that the Budget is maintained.


This individual serves as custodian of the HUG-PTO’s finances, collects revenue, pays authorized expenses, reports financial activity every month, prepares the year-end financial report, facilitates an annual audit (through the contracting of an independent accountant), facilitates the filing of annual federal tax return (through the contracting of an independent accountant), holds all financial records, and assists the other Executive Board members, as needed. He/she, along with the President, ensures completion of the annual reporting requirements of the State of Michigan and the maintenance of the non-profit/tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Vice President(s)

This individual (or individuals) oversees the Working Groups/volunteers of the HUG-PTO, assists the President and presides at meetings in the absence of the President.


This individual (or individuals) takes the Minutes (notes) from each general HUG-PTO meeting and manages communications and marketing for the HUG-PTO including, but not limited to HUG-PTO meeting agendas and minutes, newsletters, email distributions, website, etc., and assists the other Executive Board members, as needed.

Our “Working Groups” and Extracurricular Student Groups consist of one or more individuals, who work together with the HUG-PTO Board members to organize, manage and complete one of the endeavors planned for each year.  Whether it is putting up an inspiring bulletin board, pulling a few weeds in our gardens or organizing an event, there is a place for you and we need your help!  We invite you to take a look below to read about each endeavor we traditionally strive for to make each year fun and successful. We invite all families and staff to lend a hand!  

Let us know where you can help by signing up here:  https// 

Thank you!!

Art to Remember

This individual works with our Art Teacher to coordinate order due dates and delivery along with payments to/from Art to Remember and the HUG-PTO. All proceeds from Art to Remember go directly back to our children's art classes.

Book Fair

This individual or group coordinates three book fairs with Literati (usually in November, March and May).  From the planning to set-up, the sale with organizing others to help to the break-down, this requires a fairly big commitment during three weeks of each school year.  Help us grow your home libraries and our own Kenwood Library and our teacher's classroom collections!

Bulletin Board

This individual(s) creates and puts up fun, welcoming and, often insightful or inspirational scenes and messages on our main office entrance bulletin board.  The board usually changes each month or season and is often themed for the season.

Cartridges for Kids

This individual(s) promotes families sending in used/empty printer cartridges, collects, organizes and submits them to the Staples store on a routine basis.

Christmas in Clawson Craft Show

This group of individuals is responsible for "staffing" and decorating the entrance/admission tables/areas at Clawson High and Middle Schools as well as coordinating all volunteers for the large "All Clawson Schools PTA" fundraiser. Over $4,000 is gifted to the HUG-PTO from this fundraiser each year!  This is a fun way to kick off the holiday season with fellow parents and the other Clawson PTAs/PTOs.  Dozens of families and staff work year-round to make this a fun, successful event for the schools and community.

Cultural Enrichment Programs (Assemblies)

This individual(s) coordinates monthly educational, yet entertaining, assemblies for the entire school or a select age group while keeping within the budget allotted by the HUG-PTO.  Assemblies/Programs are coordinated with the Principal and/or Teacher Liaison.

Dine to Donate

This individual(s) coordinates monthly (or as often as feasible, schedule-wise) "dine to donate" opportunities with local restaurants willing to donate a portion of sales made on a certain date/time back to the HUG-PTO.

Fall Festival

This individual or group plans, organizes and implements the annual Fall Festival, including promoting the event and organizing others to assist, while keeping within the budget allotted by the  HUG-PTO.

Field Day

In coordination with Kenwood’s gym teacher, administration and staff, the Kenwood HUG-PTO assists in coordinating matching t-shirts for students, staff and volunteers and provides lunch for students, staff and volunteers on Field Day. An individual or group plans, organizes and implements the matching t-shirts and lunch for all students, staff and volunteers; the annual Kenwood "K" photograph taken from the school roof; and assists school staff, as needed.

This individual or group takes on a truly heartfelt task of organizing the 'graduation' celebration of our outgoing 5th graders, including coordation of the ceremony and picnic at City Park. In addition, gifts to each student are planned and purchased for presentation at the last day ceremony.

Fifth Grade Celebrations

Head Room Parents

As of December 2022, at the suggestion of school administration, the HUG-PTO no longer coordinates Room Parents for our classrooms.  Traditionally, our HUG-PTO Board would coordinate Room Parents with the assistance of the school office (volunteer forms and background checks), host a brief meeting in September (or as soon as possible, thereafter) or provide a newsletter to explain the responsibilities of Room Parents, any financial reimbursement procedures by the HUG-PTO, if available that school year, and ideas for classroom holiday parties along with following up throughout the year of needs, ideas or otherwise.  Classroom parties and/or parent volunteers are now handled directly by teachers.

Holiday Shop

In coordination with school administration and staff, Kenwood parents organize a week-long “Holiday Shop” in December where students are provided with a wide assortment of holiday gifts at a range of affordable pricing ($.50 to $12, or as agreed otherwise).

Popcorn Sales

In coordination with school administration, Kenwood parents organize monthly (or otherwise agreed) sales of freshly popped popcorn for the financial benefit of the HUG-PTO.

This individual(s) promotes families to utilize shopping apps (such as Box Tops and Raise Right (Shop with Scrip)), as well as signing up for rewards programs through stores (such as Amazon and Kroger) that benefit the HUG-PTO.

Teacher (Staff) Appreciation

Kenwood families work together to coordinate a fun, themed Teacher (Staff) Appreciation Week (the first week in May), including a staff breakfast, luncheon and gifts.

Teacher/Staff "Last Day" Luncheon (last day of school)

In coordination with school administration, a Kenwood parent coordinates a catered lunch for teachers and staff the last day of school.

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